Arizona reported more than 600 new cases and no new deaths Monday, but that number could grow because of a reporting issue, according to the state’s Department of Health Services.

“The data that will be posted on the covid-19 dashboard this morning will not reflect all the new cases. One of our lab partners did not submit their daily report in time. We apologize for the inconvenience,” the department announced.


The agency said it is working with the partner to resolve the reporting issue and that Tuesday’s numbers will reflect the new information in addition to the data that was reported to the health department Monday.

“This may result in an increase in reported new cases that is larger than would be expected,” the Arizona Department of Health Services tweeted.

Coronavirus cases have been increasing in Arizona, with more than 3,800 cases reported Sunday, the highest single-day total since March, according to Arizona Republic data.

Arizona’s seven-day rolling average for new cases is 12 percent higher than it was a week ago, according to Washington Post data.


The Copper State also hit a new high for hospitalizations, which has risen by 30 percent from Sunday, according to Washington Post data.

The upward trend can be seen in other states where community infection has become a growing concern.

Florida’s daily new average cases has hit a high 22 days in a row, and Montana has set a new high since March 27 and a new average since April 2, according to Washington Post data.